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Sugaring from Beauty Culture

Body sugaring is an all-natural, modern and effective form of hair removal based on a traditional oriental technique rediscovered. Sugaring is performed using sugar paste which is a 100% natural product, containing only: Sugar, Water and Lemon. The Sugar Pastes supplied by Sugaring Cane are Eco-Friendly, Vegan and Cruelty Free Products.Sugaring is gentle to the skin, leaving it silky smooth and hair free.

Sugaring is quick and effective for a smooth and hair-free skin appearance – for both her and him.

Sugaring is long-lasting, gentle and the best all-natural alternative for hair removal.

The key additional benefits of sugaring versus other hair removal methods can be highlighted as follows:

  • • Gentle to the skin with minimal discomfort, irritation or redness
  • • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • • All natural product with no chemicals
  • • Applied at body temperature – will NOT burn the skin
  • • Helps eliminate ingrown hairs
  • • Gently exfoliates improving appearance and texture of the skin
  • • Regular sugaring will reduce hair growth
  • • Promotes a healthy and soft skin appearance
  • • Hypoallergenic, sanitary and antiseptic
Back and chest 100 minutes £73
Back or chest
55 minutes
55 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
Eyebrow shape
20 minutes
30 minutes
Full face
40 minutes
Half leg
45 minutes
High bikini
35 minutes
50 minutes
Upper lip
15 minutes
20 minutes
Sides of the face
20 minutes
Standard bikini
25 minutes
25 minutes


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