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10 Treatments
  • Clear start back purifying treatment


    30 minutes

    Acne is a common skin condition for teens and it can affect the back as well as the face, neck and chest. Includes a deep cleanse of the back and an exfoliation, extractions (as needed), a cooling masque and breakout clearing booster is applied. All Dermalogica products are used in this and it is customised per client. Strictly under 18's

    Session Price
    1 £29.00
  • Slim logic body cellulite treatment


    50 minutes

    Available as a single treatment or a complete anti cellulite programme. The complete anti cellulite programme includes a 50 minute salon treatment, topical skincare and nutritional supplement. Acting from outside in, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and from inside out, burning fat.

    The salon treatment starts with an exfoliation using Papaya and AHA to prepare the skin, followed by a manual massage using a caffeine-based cream to mobilise fat and breakdown fat deposits, then we apply a body wrap comprising an alginate mask enriched with caffeine to reduce fluids. It concludes with an application of Slim Logic, a skincare cream featuring highly concentrated active slimming ingredients including Delipogenase II, linked to natural ingredients that reduce both fat and fluid: Caffeine which activates lipolysis, triggering the breakdown of fat, Cellulysium which prevents fat and Ivy which helps reduce excess fluid.

    In addition to using the Slim logic cream at home, the effects of the salon treatment can be enhanced by taking the Slim logic slimming capsules which contain Guarana and Kola nuts to maintain weight and burn fat, and the Hibiscus to help eliminate excess toxins and fluids. Taken twice daily over the month, one in the morning and one with lunch.

    The 4 week challenge is one treatment per week (one session can be the LPG Endermologie treatment), Slim logic cream and Slim logic capsules for home use altogether for £305!!!

    Session Price
    4 Week Challenge £305.00
    1 £70.00
    4 £252.00
    8 £504.00
  • Classic body wrap

    Universal contour wrap

    120 minutes

    If you’re looking to lose a few extra inches you could always join a gym or attempt the latest diet, but if you want instant results look no further than the Classic treatment from Universal Contour Wrap®. We guarantee you will lose at least 6” in just two hours, or your money back! What could be more perfect for that special occasion? This perhaps sounds too good to be true but with an average loss of between 10-14 inches from just one body wrap we are confident you will be impressed.

    Session Price
    1 £76.00
    3 £205.00
  • Original LPG Endermologie

    Beauty Culture

    This treatment is a deep tissue massage therapy using vacuum suction. It is used to smooth and contour the body at the same time as treating cellulite. Also helping lymph drainage and the appearance of the thigh and buttock areas using ‘lipo massage’ technique this is ideal for treating those ‘hard to shift’ areas. A course is recommended for the treatment of cellulite. 

    10 purchase of suit required at first treatment.
    Purchase of 12 sessions includes suit.

    Session Price
    1 £45.00
    12 £425.00
  • Massage

    Beauty Culture

    Choose between a stress relieving or energising massage treatment. The stress relief essential oil blend includes sandalwood and lavender to ease away stress and tension and totally relax the mind. The energising option includes essential oils of grapefruit seed and olive to invigorate your muscles and your mind. After each massage complementary mineral water will be served to rehydrate and refresh! Times shown below is the dedicated massage time.

    Face, neck and shoulder massage
    20 minutes £28
    Therapeutic back massage 30 minutes £35
    Full body massage
    55 minutes £49
    Deluxe Body Massage
    Enjoy a full body massage including face, neck & shoulders for the ultimate pamper session.
    75 minutes £64
    Indian Head Massage
    35 minutes £38.50
    Pregnancy Massage
    Includes a face, neck and shoulder stress relief massage to ease away muscle tension, hand and arm massage and lower leg and foot touch therapy to ease swollen ankles and relieve tired feet.
    50 minutes £44
    Lava Shell Back Massage 
    Lava Shell uses the gentle heat of porcelain shells, along with the therapists hands to release tension and melt away aches and pains. Promotes relaxation, improves circulation and delivers a seamless massage of heat and touch.
    30 minutes £42

  • Guinot body scrub


    40 minutes

    Skin is exfoliated with the professional Guinot gommage scrub. The skin is gently freed of dead skin to clear and it's texture is refined. Energising and invigorating oils are then applied to the skin to awaken the senses and condition your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and velvety soft.


    Session Price
    1 £36.00
  • Ultimate Mirific Body Treatment


    80 minutes

    A stimulating exfoliation followed by a blissful massage.
    Beginning with an invigorating exfoliation using Apricot Kernel Seeds, dead skin cells are gently buffed away leaving skin soft and ready to absorb Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Argan oils which all work to restore and re hydrate the skin. Following the exfoliation your therapist will carry out  an exclusive Guinot massage which stimulates lymphatic drainage whilst melting away muscular and nervous tension.

    The Mirific Massage Oil is formulated with Passion Flower, Evening Primrose, Camellia and Aragan Oils rich in Omega 3,6 and 9 to nourish the skin, fight the signs of aging and ensure complete relaxation.

    Session Price
    1 £83.00
  • Hopi Ear Candling Deluxe

    Beauty Culture

    40 minutes

    Enjoy the relaxing effect of the Hopi candles followed by a stress relieving pressure point face and neck massage to aid in the elimination of toxins.


    Session Price
    1 £38.00
  • Hopi Ear Candling

    Beauty Culture

    25 minutes

    This ancient therapy is excellent for anyone who suffers from tension headaches, sinus problems or frequent ear problems caused by a build up of wax. It is a soothing and calming treatment which involves a hollow candle being inserted into the ear canal to remove toxins and blockages from the ear.


    Session Price
    1 £27.50
  • Full Body Tanning


    We don’t rush you through your tanning experience, and strive to deliver even and flawless tanning results, to each client, every time. Our solution has a beautiful instant colour! We use the beautiful Northern Ireland produced Bellamianta rapid spray tan.

    We are still doing spray tanning however can not be booked online at present, can only be manually booked in by us to adhere to Covid restrictions. 

    Full body 25 minutes £27
    Half body 15 minutes £17