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Volume (or Russian style) lashes are the latest eyelash extensions allowing a truly bespoke lash for each client. The method for applying these super light extensions is by creating a “fan” consisting of anywhere from 2 to 8 extensions that are then carefully attached to a single natural lash. These extensions are so light you won’t feel like you are even wearing them. Tailored to each clients need these versatile lashes allow us to achieve the best result leaving you with fabulous eyelashes. As part of the natural lash cycle, your extensions will fall out with your natural lashes. We recommend maintenance treatments every 2-3 weeks.

 Now available with lash therapist Caitlin

Over 4 weeks - full set 120 minutes £80.00
For 3-4 weeks - infill

90 minutes

For 2-3 weeks - infill

60 minutes



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