Créme pur confort (50ml)

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Créme pur confort (50ml)

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SPF 15 protective and soothing mosituriser. Protect from the outside and reinforce from the inside. Creme Pur Confort provides the skin with daily protection from environmental irritants by strenghtening and reinforcing it from the inside out. Reducing redness and uncomfortable feelings of tightness, the skin is left softened, soothed and protected once again, ideal for sensitive skin.



  • Vitamin E- Protects the skin from free radicals
  • Alpha Bisabolol- Relieves discomfort and redness
  • Phospholipids - Reinforces cell adhersion by rebuilding the intercellular cement
  • Dermaline- Limits the reactions that cause hypersensitivity

How to use

Apply daily to the face and neck after cleansing thoroughly


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