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Slim logic body cellulite treatment from Guinot

50 minutes

Available as a single treatment or a complete anti cellulite programme. The complete anti cellulite programme includes a 50 minute salon treatment, topical skincare and nutritional supplement. Acting from outside in, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and from inside out, burning fat.

The salon treatment starts with an exfoliation using Papaya and AHA to prepare the skin, followed by a manual massage using a caffeine-based cream to mobilise fat and breakdown fat deposits, then we apply a body wrap comprising an alginate mask enriched with caffeine to reduce fluids. It concludes with an application of Slim Logic, a skincare cream featuring highly concentrated active slimming ingredients including Delipogenase II, linked to natural ingredients that reduce both fat and fluid: Caffeine which activates lipolysis, triggering the breakdown of fat, Cellulysium which prevents fat and Ivy which helps reduce excess fluid.

In addition to using the Slim logic cream at home, the effects of the salon treatment can be enhanced by taking the Slim logic slimming capsules which contain Guarana and Kola nuts to maintain weight and burn fat, and the Hibiscus to help eliminate excess toxins and fluids. Taken twice daily over the month, one in the morning and one with lunch.

The 4 week challenge is one treatment per week (one session can be the LPG Endermologie treatment), Slim logic cream and Slim logic capsules for home use altogether for £305!!!

Session Price
4 Week Challenge £305.00
1 £70.00
4 £252.00
8 £504.00